Podiatric Surgery

Podiatric surgery is a specialism devoted to the surgical treatment of the ankle and foot.

What is podiatric surgery?

Podiatric surgery is surgery to the ankle or foot that is performed by a podiatric surgeon. A podiatric surgeon has trained for 10 years on both non-surgical and surgical management of the ankle and foot. Podiatric surgeons are, therefore, best placed to manage foot problems that require surgery.

Who could benefit from podiatric surgery?

A number of conditions can benefit from podiatric surgery, including:

  • Bunions
  • Hammer toes
  • Arthritis
  • Lesions to soft tissue (e.g) fibroma, ganglion, cyst, bursa, and lipoma
  • Lesser toe amputation
  • Tendon repair
  • Metatarsalgia
  • Morton’s neuroma

If you have any of the above conditions and you would like to know if surgery would be appropriate, please contact Macclesfield Podiatry for an assessment. Our podiatric surgeonwill give you advice on the best way forward, and if necessary, will write a letter or surgical opinion report.

How do I arrange an assessment?

To arrange an assessment for surgical opinion please email office@macclesfieldpodiatry.co.uk, or call our team on 0161 883 0099.

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